Woodbury Parent Teacher Student Association making a difference!

Welcome to the Woodbury Middle School Parent, Teacher, Student Association (PTSA). This organization consists of parent, faculty and students working together in many different ways from funding enrichment programs to fun family events and activities.  

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– PTSA helps ensure that our children have the tools and guidance they need to achieve success in education and in life.

– PTSA has an amazing impact on families, schools, and communities.

– PTSA is a powerful voice for our children and a relevant resource for parents.

– PTSA is working to make it easier for busy parents to be involved with their children's schools.

– PTSA is a great way for each individual to become involved to improve the lives of all our children.

– PTSA works on behalf of its members, providing information, influence, and recognition to help unite parents, teachers, and the community for the common good of all children.

– State and National PTAs assist local PTAs in developing strategies to effectively address concerns in the community, such as providing our youth with a safe and nurturing environment, support for public education, and strengthening the partnership between home and school.

– PTSA members have clout and a powerful voice in government because of PTA's large membership of more than 6 million nationwide.

– PTSA helps enrich the education experience for all children.

By simply becoming a PTSA member, you support PTSA capital improvement projects like:

~  Cyber Cafe  ~ Graphing Calculators  ~ Computers & Printers (for classrooms)  ~ Popcorn Machine  ~ Science Probe Kits 

~ Woodbury School Sign ( in-front of school)  ~ Sound System Gym  ~ Stage Curtains  ~ Stage Lights  ~ Stage Risers  ~ Welcome Mats (in lobby)

PTSA also supports programs such as:

~ 7th Grade Connections  ~ Adventure Based Education  ~ Lobby Bulletin Boards  ~ Field Trips  ~ Environmental Camp  ~ Olympics

~ Gardening around the school  ~ 8th Grade Luncheon